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Know Us

By day I’m a project health manager, delivering health and safety comes to keep up the American national crucial health infrastructure. I really like my job however the North American state of Virginia is the one place where you’ll meet me outside of US health offices. I’m an associate creator, and I’m obsessed with on court tennis game. I play court tennis game and that I coach young kids and girls who wish to urge into sports or wish to begin one new thing in life.

My passion has taken me to American state overseas operating with a charity to show the tennis game at grass roots to below privileged kids and youngsters. This can be what makes American state tick – creating a tangible distinction.

My role is to manage and maintain the American national crucial health infrastructure, while the safety of the American individuals would not be compromised. I’ve been lucky enough to figure everywhere across America and across Europe, starting from Pittsburgh, to Indiana – Paris to Bruxelles, given to me each American state the chance to travel. I have been operating extremely long hours, however the exposure and knowledge to health and safety are worthwhile.

Happy Health to you and your Family
Ronda Rousey

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