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Mold Removal Methods and Tips to Avoid Mold

Mold Removal Methods and Tips to Avoid Mold

Mold Removal Methods and Tips to Avoid Mold

dennis hooper / September 3, 2018

Mold can grow anywhere when the conditions are favorable for its growth and survival. It needs moisture to grow and therefore it is important to keep the different areas of the house dry. Given below are some of the mold removal methods. We consulted with this company to discover common methods to get rid of mold from the house:

Evaluate and Assess the Area

Inspection is the first step in order to get an assessment of the area, which is full of mold. Evaluating the area can give an idea of how bad the situation is and what should be the next step to get rid of mold from the house.

Use Protective Clothing

When removing mold, it is important to use protective clothing. For example, using a full-face respirator can be useful. It is also wise to wear Goggles in order to avoid the mold from entering the eye. It is important to wear the right gloves to avoid the mold entering the skin cuts.

Mold Removal Methods and Tips to Avoid Mold

Sanding the Wood Surfaces

If there is mold on the wooden surfaces, sanding can assist in the mold removal.

Using the Wet Vacuum

EPA permits the use of a wet vacuum. This method assists in removing the mold from the wet material.

Mold Removal Methods and Tips to Avoid Mold

Discarding the Debris

The mold is sealed, and debris can be discarded with the ordinary construction waste.

Tips on Avoiding Mold

Mold removal becomes important after the mold infestation. However, it is best to avoid the situation in the first place. The following tips can be of assistance in avoiding the mold growth:

  •  Frequently cleaning the bathroom is important in order to avoid the growth of mold in the damp areas. Use a scrub with water and detergent to get rid of the mold, which seems quite new in the shower area. Avoid contact with eyes and use gloves.
  • If there is leakage in the water pipe, fix it. Also, repair any faulty appliance, which might leak like a washing machine or the refrigerator. Check the back of the refrigerators and washing machines to look for the signs of mold growth. If there is any sign, then get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • Repair the air conditioner if it is leaking. The water from air conditioner can cause the mold growth. It is important to keep an eye on the air conditioners.
  • Indoor humidity has to be under control. It can cause mold growth. Proper ventilation in the house is necessary.
  • If there are kids in the house and every other week they are falling sick, it is important to get the area inspected for mold. There is a possibility of allergic reactions because of the mold growth.

Final Thoughts

Mold removal is vital for maintaining cleanliness in the house. It becomes even more necessary when there are small kids in the house. A mold inspection can assist in finding out if there are hidden molds in the house. Usually, the mold is visible but one should not take any chances.




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